scratchbuilding a Quonset hut

This article describes how to scratchbuild a simple Quonset hut. A typical Quonset Hut is about 20 feet wide, 48 feet deep, and 10 feet tall. This one is about 20 x 32. This Wikipedia article has other information and common sizes listed.

Quonset hut used as a storage building

Parts required:

  1. Unroll some duct tape and ink the metal panels onto it - approximately 4x8 feet each.

    Ink panels onto tape

  2. Cut out a section of water bottle as pictured. Hot-glue it to a foamboard bottom. Provide a wiring hole if you wish to light the hut.

  3. If you wish to apply corrugations to the duct tape, press them in by drawing a metal comb along it (like a pet comb).

  4. Apply the duct tape to the bottle.

  5. Dry-brush on some rust, especially along the "joints". I use a little brown acrylic paint mixed with a little orange acrylic paint.

  6. Add end walls from mat board. On mine, I cut out the door and window openings, added a piece of mat board behind, and inked in the windows.

  7. Add a chimney/vent to the rear top of the roof.


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