post-operation checklist

  1. Remove locos/cars from both interchange tracks, set aside for now (do not return to rack yet). Well cars remain on rails, swap out containers for new ones.

  2. Perform signal test. Set all blocks to A, power up, check that all signals show green.

  3. While interchange tracks are clear, extra trains may be operated as needed.

  4. Fill South interchange track. Select new cars from Southern shelves of storage rack using 2 dice* to select tray and car. Select 3 or 4. Test each car on 3% track, prior to placing onto interchange track.

  5. Fill North interchange track in same manner, using cars from Northern shelves of rack.

  6. Top off Davis Yard classification tracks as needed (tracks 5,6,7 should have a minimum of 2 cars each). Select cars from Home shelves of storage rack.

  7. Rotate regional power/caboose on south interchange track (BM > Conrail > Leasers > CP)

  8. Rotate regional power/caboose on north interchange track (MEC > BAR > Rockland > Seacoast > CN)

  9. Place old cars which came off layout into storage rack.

  10. Advance waybills around layout, except Kenton Spur (which has new arrivals).

    * When rolling 2 dice, rolling a 10 is read as "1". Rolling 11 or 12 is invalid, reroll.

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