Marias Industrial park
Marias Industrial Park

The Cape Ann Rail System is a freelance road set in Maine in 1981 (this year was chosen as it was the only year that all roads of interest - Maine Central, Bangor & Aroostook, Boston & Maine, Conrail, Amtrak - co-existed).

There is no real Cape Ann, Maine. The name was borrowed from the 1959 Doris Day film, "It Happened to Jane", about a railroad dispute set in fictional Cape Anne, Maine (available on DVD from Netflix).

The Cape Ann Rail System is a prosperous line stretching from Sanford to Bar Harbor. The portion modeled is a piece of the middle, consisting of Kenton (a big passenger hub where Amtrak and Cape Ann passenger trains connect), the seaside resort town of Cape Ann, the sprawling industrial park at Marias, double-track main lines through the forests at Cascades and Pomola, and the freight classification yard and Quinn Intermodal Yard at Davis.

Empty tank cars head west from New Brunswick

The railroad serves a lot of bridge traffic - oil tankers from the midwest heading to refineries in Atlantic Canada, and freight from northern Maine into the rest of the US. The railroad saw the potential for shipping container traffic early and built the Quinn Intermodal Yard near the freight yard at Davis. The intermodal yard operates 24/7 with containers coming in from European ports and being transferred to interchange trains or direct to road.

Quinn Intermodal
Quinn Intermodal Yard

There are two interchanges. The northern interchange point connects to Maine Central, Bangor & Aroostook, and Canadian roads. The southern interchange point connects to Boston & Maine and Conrail.

The Acadian streamliner accelerates out of Sanford

Cape Ann operates two passenger trains - The Angus King, a local commuter run; and The Acadian, a long distance train traversing most of the state daily. Cars of The Angus King join The Acadian at Kenton, in the same manner as Amtrak's Lake Shore Limited combines Boston and New York sections to Chicago. The railroad was not compelled to join Amtrak back in 1971, as it had no interstate passenger service and thus was not part of the Act that created it - Cape Ann's entire line is within the state of Maine.  Amtrak's Downeaster service does pass through the system several times a day and connects with Cape Ann trains at Kenton. Every timetable carries this notation: "All trains stop at Kenton" which has become a local saying.

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