The Kenton Turn

The Kenton Turn enters Marias Industrial Park

Train 61/62, The Kenton Turn, is the mid-day local freight which serves all the local industries. It departs Davis Yard as Train 61 at noon to work its way to Kenton and back. This route is a mix of facing-point and trailing-point turnouts, so the usual strategy is to switch just the trailing point customers on the way to Kenton, run the loco around the train (becoming Train 62), and return - again switching just the trailing point customers.

The 44-foot coach, known as the Cape Ann Cannonball, is coupled on to serve as a mid-day transportation option and provide a conductor space.. The only published time is the 12:00 departure from Davis. All other stops are dependent on switching needs.

  1. Locomotive picks up the train on Track 5. Back into station to pick up the coach.

  2. Depart Davis Yard as train 61 at noon. The order is: loco-setouts-coach.

  3. Switch any trailing-point customers at Marias Industrial Park, Cape Ann, and Glen Cove on the way to Kenton. Pickups are placed behind the coach.

  4. Upon arrival at Kenton, the train is stopped with the coach (now mid-train) at the station platform. Passengers may detrain to visit any of the local eateries.

  5. The locomotive is run around the train. Now the order is: loco-pickups-coach-setouts

  6. Train departs Kenton as Train 62. Switch remaining customers on return trip.

  7. Upon arrival at Davis the coach is now at the rear of the train.

Notes on the model:

The Kenton Turn is powered by a back-to-back AHM GP-18's, each weighted up to 12 oz and equipped with directional, constant-intensity LED lighting. Two are used so the locomotive need not be turned at either end of the layout. Since there is no significant grade on this route, this power is generally adequate.

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