interchange operations

Freight car fleet

The mix of freight cars in use is about:

Most of the time the cars live on a rolling rack, and are moved on/off the layout as needed between sessions.

Rack of freight cars

The rack contains a number of trays which hold cars in order of reporting marks.

Tray of freight cars

Placeholders are used when a car is removed from a tray. The placeholders are a piece of cardboard glued to a piece of foam, in the approximate size of a boxcar. The placeholders are marked to show where that car is. If a car is not in a tray, there are only two places it could be ... on the layour (IN SERVICE) or sidelined for repair at the bench (BAD ORDER).

Interchange tracks

There are two interchange tracks, one extending off each end of the layout. These tracks are where cars are exchanged between sessions.

North interchange

South interchange

End of session

At the end of each session, if things went correctly, there will be a cut of cars on each interchange track. We are done with these cars for now. They are removed and placed in the rack. Fresh cars are selected and placed on the track for the next session, with waybills filled out as needed. The first freight runs of the session will retrieve them and bring them onto the layout for sorting and delivery.

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