car fowarding system

The Cape Ann uses a conventional car card / waybill forwarding system.

Car Card and Waybill inside a Sleeve

Car Cards

The Car Cards are just cardstock cut to baseball card size (2 3/4" x 3 5/8"). The Car Card lists the reporting marks, type of car, and where it is to be routed when empty. White cards are used for home road and per diem (Railbox) cars, which go to Davis Yard when empty. Yellow cards indicate empties go to the South interchange, Blue cards indicate empties to the North interchange. Any trains heading to interchange can quickly be eyeballed to see if the consist is correct - blue (North) car cards should not appear in a South (yellow) interchange train.


The Car Card then goes into a baseball card sleeve. This allows the Waybill to be inserted with it.


Waybills are printed on business card stock by Vistaprint. On these, the only alignment avaiable was centered, so each can be used twice - or continuously as a "2-cycle" waybill.

Empty Car Order

The only other piece needed is an Empty Car Order which will get an empty to a shipper in the first place.


The Car Cards are set into a channel which runs continuously along the fascia. The channel is vinyl molding made for bathroom tile.

Off Layout

When cars are cycled off the layout the car card travels with them. Offline cars are stored in a rolling rack.

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