Using color to design an identity

Prototype roads never have their rolling stock in the same paint scheme simultaneously, and the same is true on the Cape Ann. Two color schemes (Phase 1 and Phase 2) are in use, composed of three colors: moss (light) green, meadow (dark) green, and black. The back story is that old Phase 1 cars are repainted Phase 2 as they are shopped for other work. The paint is all Rustoleum 'Painter's Touch' spray paint (no airbrush here) - which is marked as 'safe for plastics'. We have been very pleased with it as it provides consistent color, ease of application, resists peeling from masking tape, and provides a nice hard shell for decal application.

Phase 1 (unnamed) scheme: This is the 'older' scheme. It appears on all GP-18's, a few F7's, and about 1/4 of the Cape Ann railcars. It also appears on all railroad buildings. Locomotives are dark green over light green. Freight cars and cabooses are the reverse.

Phase 1 loco
Phase 1 locomotive and caboose

Phase 1 boxcar
Phase 1 freight cars

Cape Ann station
Phase 1 railroad building: Cape Ann station

Phase 2 "New Century" scheme This is, obviously, the newer scheme. It appears on most F7's and all BL-2's. Locomotives are black over dark green. Freight cars and cabooses are the reverse. The light green is no longer used.

Phase 2 loco
Phase 2 F7A and caboose

Phase 2 BL-2

Phase 2 boxcar
Phase 2 freight cars

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