The Cape Ann Cannonball

Cape Ann Cannonball

The Cape Ann Cannonball is a single coach providing passenger service attached to train 61/62, the mid-day Kenton Turn. The Cannonball departs Davis Yard daily at noon, with stops* at Maris, Hammond, Cape Ann, and Glen Cove; arriving at Kenton generally around 2:00 PM. It then reverses direction, making the same stops, before returning to Davis generally by 4:30 PM. This is provided as a mid-day transportation option during the period when only freight traffic is running.

Passengers are advised this is no-frills transportation - there is no power available, no cafe, and the only published time is departure from Davis Yard daily at noon. All arrivals down the line will depend on switching needs and may vary widely from day to day. Frequent stops will occur while freight cars are switched at industries along the way. Passengers should inquire at their local station, where the agent can advise expected arrival times.


*all stops on the Cannonball are considered flag stops. Train may not stop unless passengers are boarding or departing.

Notes on the model:

The coach is an Athearn, shortened to 45'. Unlike scheduled passenger trains, the Cannonball runs through Marias Industrial Park, where the tight curves preclude use of a standard 85' coach.

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