caboose upgrades

Roofwalks are removed (since layout is set in 1981), holes filled with body putty and sanded. Body is primed, painted, and decalled. Smokejack is colored silver with Sharpie pen.


Weight added to get car up to NMRA recommended weight. Additional weight (scrap steel hardware) is glued in place with silicone sealant.


Weights are covered with matte black tape (gaffer's tape or friction tape) so they will not be visible through the windows.


Window glazing, cut from overhead transparency sheets, is glued in place with CA. Red body putty used on roof holes is visible here. A cardboard strip is covered with black friction tape and inserted diagonally as a viewblock - so you cannot see right through the caboose through the windows. This same technique is used on structures as well.


Note appearance of windows - they appear like glass, and you cannot see right through the body due to the viewblock (except in the cupola which makes sense). Grab irons on corners are colored with a silver Sharpie pen. Trucks and wheels are weathered. Body can be weathered as desired.


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