The Angus King

The Angus King departing Cape Ann station

Train 445, The Angus King, is a morning commuter run originating at Davis. The train departs Davis with a single coach, passes by Marias industrial park, and makes a stop at Cape Ann. Here it picks up an additional coach and cafe car, which have been pre-boarded.

Upon arrival at Kenton, the three cars will be joined to The Acadian to continue to northbound destinations. Passengers may also detrain to connect with the Amtrak Downeaster for southbound destinations.

The locomotive will then layover on a holding track at Kenton Yard for the day, until late afternoon when it will become the power for 488, The Night Owl - which is the evening commuter run back to Davis.


Notes on the model:

The train is named "The Angus King" in honor of Senator Angus King, who during his time as governor of Maine, advocated for the return of passenger rail to the state. This was fulfilled in December 2001 as Amtrak Downeaster service began in the state.

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