The Acadian

The Acadian flies through Pamola at 80 MPH

The Acadian, train 447, is the Cape Ann's flagship passenger train, running daily between Sanford and Bangor: northbound in the morning, southbound in the afternoon. The day begins as The Acadian departs Sanford at 6:20 AM. Typical power is two F7 locomotives. Typical consist includes two coaches, a cafe/lounge car, and a dome diner. The Acadian makes its first stop at Kenton at 7:00 AM.

By this time, connecting train 445, The Angus King, has already arrived at Kenton from Davis and Cape Ann. The coach and cafe from The Angus King have been cut off, and are coupled to the end of The Acadian as soon as it clears the Kenton station. The combined train then heads north to Cascade (flag stop) and Pamola (flag stop). There is a meet at Pamola as the southbound Amtrak Downeaster takes the siding to allow The Acadian (running upgrade) to continue north before heading off the layout through the north interchange.

In the afternoon The Acadian returns south as train 486. Again, there is a meet at Pamola with the northbound Downeaster. This time The Acadian, running downgrade, takes the siding for the Downeaster to pass.

Upon arrival at Kenton, the coach and cafe/lounge are cut off to become train 488, The Night Owl, returning to Cape Ann and Davis.


Notes on the model:

Coaches are Tyco, Cafe/lounge is Athearn. Dome Diner is LifeLike.
All cars are equipped with constant-intensity LED lighting.

The combining of two sections at Kenton is modelled after Amtrak's Lake Shore Limited, which combines Boston and New York sections to travel to Chicago.

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