official abbreviation list
For consistent operations, locations throughout the system are identified by these abbreviations.
BOL Bolton Railcar Maintenance Facility
CAS Cape Ann Passenger Station
CPR Chronicle Printing, Marias
CPS Cascade Passenger Shelter
CSH Cascade Section House
DAS Davis Passenger Station
DAV Davis Classification Yard
EEE EEE Feed and Supply, Marias
GCF Glen Cove Fuels, Glen Cove
KEL Kenton Electric Fabricators, Kenton
KEN Kenton Yard
KES Kenton Passenger Station
KFF Kenton Freight Forwarders
LMS Leslie Marine Services, Marias
MM Marias Machining & Tool, Marias
NPO North Portal Interchange
PAM Pamola siding
PSH Pamola Section House
PTC Precision Tooling Corporation, Marias
QUI Quinn Intermodal Yard
SPO South Portal Interchange

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