Southbound freight passes through Pamola

Pamola is a long double track section running along a high ridge through the forest north of Cascade. Interchange trains from the north (BAR and Seacoast Line) come down this far, and use the double track as place to pickup/setout interchange cars, and runaround the cars to return. The Pamola section is wide and level, so a section maintenance house is located here. It also serves as a flag stop.

Railfans like to come to an overlook here in hopes of getting photos of the BL-2's used by both BAR and Seacoast Line; as well as the Amtrak Downeaster and The Acadian as they stretch out of the curve and accelerate up to 80 MPH track speed for the long run north on continuous welded rail. Occasionally The Acadian is led by a classic F7 A-B-B-A quartet.

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