Marias Industrial Park

Marias is home to the sprawling Marias Industrial Park, which has many rail-served industries. Marias Machining produces machine tools and generates traffic to and from industrial customers, particularly Bath Iron Works in Maine and Bridgeport Tool in Connecticut. They also generate considerable export traffic which requires shipping containers to be handled. Chronicle Printing receives carloads of specialty papers and ships completed publications in bulk. EEE Feeds is a wholesaler/retailer of animal feeds and receives hoppers and carloads of various feeds. Precision Tool is a speciality tooling shop.

The trackage within the park is complex with an assortment of facing and trailing point sidings. Adding to the complexity: EEE Feeds and Chronicle Printing share the same siding. There is only one lead into the park, so cars must be blocked correctly in order to facilitate switching.

There has been a lot of discussion lately between the business owners and the railway. Parking has become a problem within the park as more and more space is taken over for shipping container handline. The business owners are asking for a commuter run between the park and Cape Ann, where many of the workers reside. Cape Ann's passenger staff are looking into the logistics of adding service to the park.

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