Cascade Pass

Flag stop at Cascade, with Mt. Katahdin in the background

Cascade Pass is a rather remote flag stop in the wilderness, about midway between Kenton and Pamola. This is double track mainline territory, and has the steepest grade (3%) on the road. There is a basic shelter for passengers, and that's about all. The area has several lakes nearby and the passengers are primarily summer camp residents, hunters in the fall, and few hardy year-round types.

MOW equipment stored at Cascade

Cascade also has a long stretch of track ("Old Cascade Line") which runs from Summit Tunnel (in the north) to XX tunnel in the south. This line was taken out of revenue service when the current line was surveyed, to reduce curvature and eliminate low-clearance tunnels which would not pass double-stacked containers. It is currently used to store MOW equipment, and excess freight car inventory.

Ghost Train at Cascade

There is another line branching off the Old Cascade Line, which used to serve a lumber mill. It is no longer in revenue service, and has become the home of the "Ghost Train", as the locals call it. This is an ancient pair of F7As, a string of old 40' potato reefers originally purchased from BAR, and a lone caboose. There is a hobo jungle in the woods nearby, and the hoboes use the old equipment for shelter. At night the hobo's campfire can been seen in the woods, and their lanterns illuminate the old caboose and some of the old reefers. Sometimes they rig a battery to the F7's headlight to keep the Ghost Train legend alive, and scare away the local kids. The railroad is sometimes asked to clean out this dead equipment, but the feeling is that it gives the graffiti-taggers, curiosity-seekers, and souvenir-hunters a place to go, and keeps them away from the revenue equipment.

Cascade is named for the cascade nearby where the Crooked River passes under the tracks on its way to Glen Cove.

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