Cape Ann


Cape Ann is a residential area on the coast and home to many commuters who take the Cape Ann to Kenton and Sanford, and some to Boston and Portland by connecting with The Amtrak Downeaster at Kenton. The passenger and freight stations are at the end of a spur. A coach and cafe are already set out here for the morning commuter run.

Each morning at 6:00 the station agent opens the station and a food service host opens up the cafe. There is an old FT-B parked on an isolated piece of track behind the station, serving as a Head End Power (HEP) generator. It is no longer in revenue service so it bears the non-revenue number 900. The HEP line runs underground to a pedestal next to the spot for the cafe car. The agent plugs the cafe car into the pedestal, then starts up the F7B prime mover so the cafe and coach have power and can warm up. Then the morning commuters can board as soon as they arrive at the station, and get their coffee and breakfast from the cafe before the train arrives. This allows a quick departure as the passengers are already pre-boarded.

The morning passenger train, The Angus King, backs into the station, couples to the coach and cafe, unplugs from the FT-B, and departs for Kenton at 6:30 AM. The station agent then turns off the FT-B. When the train arrives at Kenton, it will connect to The Acadian to continue northbound. Southbound passengers can transfer to the Amtrak Downeaster.

In the evening the process reverses. The Night Owl sets out the coach and cafe and continues on to Davis.

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