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Minutes, March 13, 2016

Attending: Rick and Kathy Mills, Donna and Izzy Brill, Marianne Gustafson, Michelle Pyrich, and Erin Kelly.

Opening reading and prayer: Rick shared a passage from Deuteronomy Chapter 6.

Minutes of previous meeting: reviewed and accepted as written.

Youth group: Erin reported the group is seeing SMS's production of "Shrek" today. Easter eggs will be stuffed 3/26 in preparation for the hunt on 3/27. Approximately 20 high school youth and chaperones will be going on the April mission trip.

Children's youth group: Michelle reported an activity may take place the week of Palm Sunday.

Media center: Rick reported that he brought concerns discussed at our February meeting to the Admin Council on March 14. Marianne reported a cleanup has taken place, with good results.

Bible study: Rick presented a tentative schedule for series 2 of "Apps in the Bible", to be offered Wednesdays at 6:30pm 4/13 through 5/25. Following this, the "One Night with the King" movie and study of Esther will be offered in the same time slot 6/1 thru 6/29 (no study 6/15). All studies are one hour long.

Sunday School: Erin reported all is going well. Children's Sunday is 6/12; Donna suggested a potluck luncheon be held in place of the BBQ that has occurred in years past; the committee approved this. Donna reported she is working on summer curriculum. The school-year curricula rotate every 3 years; some consideration has been given to purchase a new curriculum that is lectionary-based, but no action was proposed at this time. Donna requested/received permission from the committee to discard obsolete attendance records. A request from a parent that Sunday School teachers serve for a month at a time was brought to the committee. Erin stated she feels this could cause teacher numbers to go down-that it would be very difficult to find teachers who can commit to 4 consecutive weeks-the committee agreed.

VBS: scheduled for week of 7/18. Donna received committee approval to order the "Cave Quest" program. For adults, Rick may offer a repeat of the "One Night With the King"study, unless there is something that would tie in better with "Cave Quest."

Next meeting: April 10, 2016, 11:30am.

Respectfully submitted,
Kathy Mills

Agenda and minutes for all meetings are online at http://rickmillsproject.com/ced