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Minutes, February 14 2016

Attending: Rick and Kathy Mills, Marianne Gustafson, Jill Miltner, Donna Brill, Michelle Pyrich, Erin Kelly, and Jennifer Mayotte.

Media Center: Marianne reported Lent and Easter materials are on display in the library. An increasing amount of nonlibrary objects are being left in the library, causing concerns that the space is not being respected and not able to fulfill its intended purpose. Ideas for solutions were discussed.

Youth Group: Erin reported yesterday's Italian Night yielded a profit of $1100. The group is now planning for its April mission trip to Maryland, where they will work on post-Sandy rehabilitation and reconstruction.

Children's Youth Group: Michelle reported tonight's scheduled activity may be cancelled, due to illness and weather concerns. Typically, 2-3 children attend.

Nursery/Cradle Roll: Jennifer reported all is going well.

Scouts: Jill reported Scout Sunday was observed today. Upcoming are the Red and Green and Blue and Gold banquets. Plans are underway for an April trip to Washington, DC. Rochester will soon be offering the Lion Program, which will provide Scouting opportunities for boys entering kindergarten.

Bible Study: Rick reported the Apps in the Bible study has had about 10 participants. This study is in hiatus while Pastor Jeff leads the Lenten Study. After Easter, Apps in the Bible will resume for a few more weeks. This will be followed by a 4-week study of the book of Esther, which will include watching and discussing the movie, One Night With the King.

Sunday School: Erin reported all is going well, with some new families coming to chapel time. Donna reported curriculum has been scanned in and will be posted to the website. Ways to correlate the Sunday School curriculum to the sermon topic were discussed. Also discussed was Vacation Bible School - there have been several popular themes from past years that may be considered for presentation again this year. We would like to add an adult study session to VBS as well, something for parents to participate in while kids are in VBS.

Old Business: None

New Business: Michelle reported she is working on the annual Christian Education report. She suggests that chapel time in upcoming weeks be used to prepare for the Children's Sunday program. She noted Pastor Jeff will celebrate the 25th anniversary of his ordination this summer.

Next meeting: 3/13/16.

Respectfully submitted,
Kathy Mills

Agenda and minutes for all meetings are online at http://rickmillsproject.com/ced