Williams, Valentine

Clock Ticks On - H S
Clubfoot the Avenger - H S
Clue of the Rising Moon - W
Courier to Marrakesh - W
Crouching Beast - H S
Curiousity of Mr. Treadgold - W
Dead Man Manor - H S
Death Answers the Bell - H S
Eye in Attendance - H S
Fox Prowls - H S
Key Man - H S
Knife Behind the Curtain - W
Man With the Clubfoot - H S
Masks Off at Midnight - H S
Mr. Ramosi - W
Mysterious Miss Morrisot - H S
Mystery of the Gold Box - H S
Okewood of the Secret Service - K W
Orange Divan - W
Pigeon House - W
Portcullis Room - H S
Red Mass - H (black/red binding)
Secret Hand, Some Further Adventures... - W
Spider's Touch - H S
Three of Clubs - H S
Yellow Streak - K W

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