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Bedrooms Have Windows P
Fools Die on Friday P
Pass the Gravy P
Traps Need Fresh Bait DBC

Irate Witness P
Postponed Murder
Murderer's Bride P
Whispering Sands
Adventures of Paul Prey 
Dead Mens Letters 
Blonde in Lower Six 
Honest Money 
Two Clues

Hunting the Desert Whale W
Hidden Heart of Baja W
World of Water W
Hunting Lost Mines by Helicopter W
Gypsy Days on the Delta W
Mexico's Magic Square W
Drifting Down the Delta W
Host with the Big Hat W
Cops on Campus and Crime in the Streets W

Bad for Business P
Broken Vase P
Double for Death P
Fer De Lance P
Gambit P
Hand in the Glove P
Homicide Trinity P
League of Frightened Men P
Over my Dead Body P
President Vanishes P
Red Box P
Silent Speaker P
Sound of Murder P
Too Many Clients P

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