Wallace, Edgar

About Mr J G Reeder O
About the Ringer O
Again the Three Just Men H (SS)
Black, The O
Blue Hand O
Calendar H
Case of Joe Attymar - O
Crimson Circle H
Daffodil Murder H
Dark Eyes of London - H
Day of Uniting H
Devil Man H
Double H
Face in the Night H S (Crime Club)
Feathered Serpent H
Flying Squad H
Four Just Men O
Fourth Plague H
Gaol Breaker - O
Girl From Scotland Yard - S (Collier Front Page series, early red)
Green Ribbon H
Hairy Arm O
India Rubber Men H
Just Men of Cordova - O
Kennedy the Con Man - O
King by Night - O
Mammoth Mystery Book - H O (Gaol Breaker, Just Men of Cordova, King by Night)
Man at the Carlton H
Man Who Knew O
New Mammoth Mystery Book (4 Just Men, Secret House, Man Who Knew) H O
On the Spot H
People H
Red Aces H (Red Aces, Kennedy the Con Man, Case of Joe Attymar)
Ringer Returns H
Scotland Yard Book H (Silver Key, About Mr J G Reeder, About the Ringer, The Black)
Sergeant Sir Peter H
Secret House O
Silver Key H,O
Sinister Man O
Three Complete Novels H (Hairy Arm, Blue Hand, Sinister Man) H
Three Just Men H
Twister, The P

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