Stout, Rex

All Aces H
And Be A Villain H
And Four To Go H
Bad For Business PW
Before Midnight H
Broken Vase PW
Black Mountain H
Black Orchids H
Champagne for One H
Curtains for Three H
Death of a Doxy H
Death of a Dude H
Doorbell Rang H
Double for Death PW
Family Affair H
Father Hunt H
Fer De Lance PW
Final Deduction H
Full House H
Gambit PW
Golden Spiders H
Hand in the Glove PW
Her Forbidden Knight - P (not NW)
Homicide Trinity PW
If Death Ever Slept H
In the Best of Families H
Kings Full of Aces H
League of Frightened Men PW
Might as Well be Dead H
Mother Hunt H
Murder By the Book H
Out of the Line SS contained in Her Forbidden Knight P
Over My Dead Body PW
Please Pass the Guilt H
Plot it Yourself H
President Vanishes PW
Prisoners Base H
Prize for Princes P
Red Box PW
Right to Die H
Rubber Band H
Second Confession H
Silent Speaker PW
Sound of Murder PW
Three at Wolfes Door H
Three Doors to Death H
Three for the Chair H
Three Men Out H
Three Witnesses H
Too Many Clients PW
Trio for Blunt Instruments H
Triple Jeopardy H
Triple Zeck H
Trouble in Triplicate H
Where There's A Will H

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