Queen, Ellery

And On the Eighth Day - H
Calamity Town - H
Calendar of Crime - H
Cat of Many Tails - H
Cop Out - H
Devil to Pay - H
Door Between - H
Double Double - H
Dragon's Teeth - H
Ellery Queen, Master Detective - H
Face to Face - H
Finishing Stroke - H
Four of Hearts - H
Fourth Side of the Triangle - H
Glass Village - H
Halfway House - H
Perfect Crime - H
Player on the Other Side - H
Queen's Bureau of Investigation - H
Queen's Full - H
House of Brass - H
Inspector Queen's Own Case - H
King is Dead - H
Last Woman in His Life - H
Murderer is a Fox - H
Origin of Evail - H
Q.E.D. - H
Scarlet Letters - H
Ten Days Wonder H
There Was an Old Woman H
White Elephant Mystery H
"Country" series
  American Gun Mystery - H
  Chinese Orange Mystery - H
  Dutch Shoe Mystery - H
  Egyptian Cross Mystery - H
  French Powder Mystery - H
  Greek Coffin Mystery - H
  Roman Hat Mystery - H
  Siamese Twin Mystery - H
  Spanish Cape Mystery - H
By Barnaby Ross
  Tragedy of X - H 
  Tragedy of Y - H 
  Tragedy of Z - H 
  Drury Lanes Last Case - H 
Adventures of Ellery Queen - H
New Adventures of Ellery Queen - H
Rogues Gallery - H
101 Years Entertainment - H
Mystery of the Merry Magician - H (juvenile, Ellery Queen Jr.)
Sporting Blood, the Great Sports Detective Stories (edited by) - H

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