Herman Petersen

Bibliography (full length books):

1940 Murder in the Making (Doc Miller #1) - H
1942 Murder R.F.D. (Doc Miller #2) - P
1943 Old Bones (Doc Miller #3) - P
1943 The D.A.'s Daughter - P
1945 Country Chronicle (autobiography)
1950 The Covered Bridge (historical novel) - H signed
1950 The Road (romance)
1957 The House in the Wilderness (mystery, published as a serial) - Newspaper supplement

Petersen was born in Utica, New York on September 9, 1893; he sold his first story, “ The seven gilded balls, ” to Black Mask in June 1922. Petersen's best times in the pulp business were between 1922-33; Petersen did not depend on the pulps for his livelihood, as he worked for Utica newspapers and in 1943 became a fourth-class postmaster for Poolville, New York. He sold his first full length mystery novel, Murder in the Making, in 1940; other novels include Murder R.F.D., Old Bones, and The D.A.'s Daughter; he also published a humorous autobiography titled, Country Chronicle (1945); his historical novel, The Covered Bridge (1950), was later adapted for television and aired in 1952; his final mystery novel was The House in the Wilderness (1957) Petersen died July 1973. Source: Online Archive of California. Mysteryfile.com adds "Petersen’s only other mystery novel, “The House in the Wilderness,” was published serially in 1957 and did not see book publication."
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