Kathleen Moore Knight

Acts of Black Night - H
Akin to Murder - W
Bait for Murder - W
Bass Derby Murder - W
Beauty is a Beast - W
Bells for the Dead - H 
Birds of Ill Oemn - H
Blue Horse of Taxco - H
Clue of the Poor Man's Shilling - H 
Death Blew Out The Match - H 
Death Came Dancing - H 
Death Goes to a Reunion - W 
Design in Diamonds - H
Dying Echo - W
Exit a Star - H 
Fatal Harvest (by Alan Amos) - W
Footbridge to Death - H
High Rendezvous - W 
Intrigue for Empire / Murder for Empire- W 
Invitation to Vengeance - H
Port of Seven Strangers - H
Rendezvous with the Past - H
Robineau Look, The - P W
Seven Were Veiled - H
Silent Partner - W 
Stream Sinister - H
Tainted Token - H
Terror by Twilight - S (Collier Crime Club)
They're Going to Kill Me - H
Three of Diamonds - H
Trademark of a Traitor - H, S (Collier Crime Club)
Trouble at Turkey Hill - W 
Valse Macabre - W 
Wheel That Turned- H

also wrote as Alan Amos

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