Fair, A. A.

All Grass Isnt Green H
Bachelors Get Lonely H
Bats Fly At Dusk H
Bedrooms Have Windows PW
Beware the Curves PW
Bigger They Come H
Cats Prowl at Night H
Count of Nine H
Crows Cant Count H
Cut Thin to Win O
Double of Quits H
Fish of Cut Bait O
Fools Die on Friday PW
Give Em The Ax H
Gold Comes in Bricks H
Kept Women Cant Quit H
Owls Dont Blink H
Pass the Gravy PW
Shills Cant Cash Chips H
Some Slips Dont Show H
Some Women Wont Wait H
Spill the Jackpot H
Top of the Heap H
Traps Need Fresh Bait D W
Try Anything Once H
Turn on the Heat H
Up For Grabs H
Widows Wear Weeds H
You Can Die Laughing H

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