Eberhart, Mignon

Another Mans Murder - H
Another Womans House - H
Casa Madrone - D
Cases of Susan Dare - H
Chiffon Scarf - H
Cup, the Blade, or the Gun - D W See Coles: Search for a Sultan
Danger in the Dark - H
Dark Garden - H
Dead Mens Plans - H
El Rancho Rio - D W
Escape the Night - H
Fair Warning - H
From This Dark Stairway - H
Glass Slipper - H
Hangman's Whip - H
Hasty Wedding - H
House of Storm - H
House on the Roof - H
Hunt With the Hounds - H
Man Missing - H
Man Next Door - P W
Melora - H
Murder in Waiting - D W see Gardner: Postponed Murder
Message from Hong Kong - H
Mystery of Huntings End - H
Never Look Back - H
Next of Kin - H
Nine O Clock Tide - H
Patient in Cabin C - H
Patient in Room 13 - H
Pattern - H
Postmark Murder - H
RSVP Murder - P W
Run Scared - H
Speak No Evil - H
Unidentified Woman - H
Unknown Quantity - H
While the Patient Slept - H
White Cockatoo - H
White Dress - H
Wings of Fear - H S (Collier Front Page Mysteries)
With This Ring - H
Witness at Large - P W
Wolf in Mans Clothing - H
Woman on the Roof - H

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