Coles, Manning

Alias Uncle Hugo [Operation Manhunt] - H
All That Glitters [Not for Export, Mys of Stolen Plans] - P W
Among Those Absent - D 
Basle Express  - H
Birdwatcher's Quarry [Three Beans] - W
Brother for Hugh - W
Come and Go - H
Concrete Crime [Crime in Concrete] - W
Dangerous by Nature - H
Death of an Ambassador - H
Diamonds to Amsterdam - W
Drink to Yesterday - H
Duty Free - H
Fifth Man - S (Collier Crime Club)
Great Caesar's Ghost - H
Green Hazard - H
House at Plucks Gutter = w
Knife for the Juggler [Vengeance Man] - H
Let the Tiger Die - H
Man in the Green Hat - D 
[Mystery of the Stolen Plans] - see All That Glitters - P W
Night Train to Paris - H
No Entry - H
[Not For Export]  - see All That Glitters - P W
Nothing to Declare - H
Not Negotiable - H
Now or Never - H
Search for a Sultan - D W
They Tell No Tales - H
This Fortress - H
Toast to Tomorrow [Pray Silence] - H
With Intent to Deceive - P W
Without Lawful Authority - H

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