Christie, Agatha

ABC Murders - H
An Overdose of Death - P
And Then There Were None - H Book club set, also O/ICL
Appointment with Death - P
Bertram's Hotel, At - O
Body in the Library - P
Burden, The (as Mary Westmacott) - P
By Pricking of my Thumbs - H
Cards on the Table - H
Caribbean Mystery - H
Cat Among Pigeons - H
Crooked House - H
Curtain - H
Dead Man's Mirror (ss) - O/ICL
Death Comes as the End - P
Death in the Air - H, also O
Death on the Nile - H, also O/ICL
Destination Unknown - H
Elephants Can Remember - H
Endless Night - P
Dead Man's Folly - P
Double Sin & Other Stories (SS) - H, also O/ICL
Funerals are Fatal - P
Halloween Party - DBC
Hercule Poirot's Christmas - P
Hickory Dickory Death - H
Holiday for Murder / Murder for Christmas- P
Hollow, The (Murder After Hours) - H
Labors of Hercules (SS) - O/ICL
Man in the Brown Suit - P
Mirror Crack'd - O
Miss Marple Meets Murder (O) - H
Moving Finger - O
Mrs. McGinty's Dead - P
Murder After Hours - P
Murder at the Vicarage - H, also O
Murder in 3 Acts - H
Murder is Announced - H
Murder of Roger Ackroyd - H, also O/ICL
Murder on Board (O)
Murder on Orient Express - H
Murder Preferred - H
Murder with Mirrors - H
Mysterious Affair at Styles - H
Mysterious Mr Quin - H also mapback
Mystery of the Blue Train - H, also O
N or M? - H also Mapback
Nemesis - DBC
Ordeal by Innocence - P
Overdose of Death / Patriotic Murders - P 
Partners in Crime - P
Passage to Frankfurt - H
Peril at End House - H
Pocket Full of Rye - O
Poirot Investigates (SS) - O/ICL
Poirot Loses a Client - H
Postern of Fate - H
Regatta Mystery (SS) - P, also O/ICL
Sad Cypress - H
Secret Adversary - P
Secret of Chimneys - P
Seven Dials Mystery - H
Sleeping Murder - O
Spies Among Us - H
There is a Tide - P
They Came to Baghdad - H
Third Girl - H
Thirteen at Dinner - H
Thirteen for Luck - P
Three Blind Mice (SS) - o/ICL, plus mapback
Towards Zero - P
Tuesday Club Murders - H 
Under Dog (SS) - O/ICL
What Mrs. McGillicuddy Saw! - O
Witness for the Prosecution - O/ICL

Agatha by Kathleen Tynan - P
Mysterious World of AC by Feinman - P

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