Charteris, Leslie

US Title [Other Title]

Ace of Knaves H [Saint in Action]
Alias the Saint P
Angels of Doom H [She Was a Lady, Saint Meets His Match]
Arrest the Saint P
Avenging Saint H [Knight Templar]
-----Boodle (see Saint Intervenes H)
Brighter Buccaneer H
Call for the Saint H
Catch the Saint H
Concerning the Saint W
Count on the Saint H
Enter the Saint H
Fantastic Saint W
Follow the Saint H
Happy Highwayman H
Last Hero H
Meet the Tiger H (aka Saint in Danger)
-----Misfortunes of Mr Teal (see Saint in England - H)
Paging the Saint W
Saint Abroad H
Saint and the Fiction Makers H
Saint and the Hapsburg Necklace H
Saint and the People Importers H
Saint Around the World H
Saint at Large H
Saint Bids Diamonds H
Saint's Getaway H
Saint Goes On H
-----Saint in Action (see Ace of Knaves H)
Saint in England H (aka Misfortunes Mr Teal)
-----Saint in Danger (aka Meet the Tiger - H)
Saint in Europe H
Saint in Miami H
Saint in New York H
Saint in Pursuit H
Saint Intervenes H (aka Boodle)
Saint in the Sun H
Saint in Trouble DBC W
Saint Meets His Match H
Saint On Guard H
Saint On the Spanish Main H
Saint on TV H
Saint Overboard H
Saint Plays with Fire H [Prelude to War]
Saint Returns H
Saint Steps In H
Saint and the Templar Treasure H
Saint to the Rescue H
Saint Vs Scotland Yard H
Salvage for the Saint H
Send for the Saint H
Senor Saint H
Vendetta for the Saint H
Wanted for Murder H

Saint Two in One H
FIrst Saint Omnibus H
Seond Saint Omnibus H

White Rider H
X Esquire H

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