Carr, John Dickson

Below Suspicion - H
Blind Barber - P
Bride of Newgate - H
Captain Cut Throat - P
Case of the Constant Suicides - H-S-Collier Skull 
Corpse in the Wax Works - P
Crooked Hinge - O (JDC Trio)
Dead Man's Knock - H
Deadly Hall - H
Death Turns the Tables - H-S-Collier Skull
Demoniacs - H
Devil in Velvet - H
Eight of Swords - P
Emperor's Snuff Box -  H-S-Collier Skull 
Fire, Burn - P
Four False Weapons - P
House at Satan's Elbow - P
In Spite of Thunder - H
It Walks by Night - S (Collier Front Page series, early red)
Lost Gallows - S (Collier Front Page series, early red)
Mad Hatter Mystery - P
Man Who Could Not Shudder -  H-S-Collier Skull
Men Who Explained Miracles - H
Panic in Box C - H
Patrick Butler for the Defense - P
Problem of the Wire Cage - H and W-S-Collier Skull 
Scandal at High Chimneys - H
Sleeping Sphinx   H-S-Collier Skull
Third Bullet - H
Three Coffins - O (JDC Trio)
Till Death Do Us Part - H-S-Collier Skull 
To Wake the Dead - H
Witch of the Low Tide - H

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