How did God reveal Himself to people in the Bible ? This session focuses on God's use of "video" - that is, dreams and visions.

Essential questions:

"God, in holding communication with men, works in accordance with the laws of man's mind. No sharp line of demarcation is discernable between dreams and visions. The one shades into the other."


"Dreams were employed by God for the purposes of his kingdom. They are (a) Intended to affect the spiritual life of individuals, and (b) Directive and prophetic dreams, used when revelation was incomplete. They seem to have carried with them credentials of their divine origin."


"The visions of the prophets ... were granted to holy men only. These visions were clearly distinguished (by those who saw them) from ordinary visions and were recognized as proceeding from God."

Quotations are from Davis Dictionary of the Bible by John D. Davis, Baker Book House, 1973

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